3 Ideas for Garden Water Features

garden water features

Though winter is still here, it’s never too early to start brainstorming how to transform your backyard and garden for spring! This month, we’re discussing a few design ideas you can use for inspiration regarding your garden water features. In the meantime, look no further than Sunny Valley Farms to provide you with the items to make your garden come to life!



If you enjoy spending your mornings outside with a cup of coffee or tea, consider adding a romantic water feature to your garden or nearby wall! For this theme, we’re thinking of an Italian or European-inspired design. This will pair nicely with a bistro set (the more vintage, the better). To make it look a bit more lived-in, add some plants around the fountain. We think incorporating vines around this feature is a beautiful way to appreciate both nature and man-made materials. 



If you prefer more natural features for your garden compared to traditional fountains, you may enjoy this idea for inspiration. Consider creating a natural waterfall by using and building off of natural stones and rocks. If done right, this waterfall can look like something you’d come across on a hike or trail! To complete this look, add some native plants to areas of your choice to mimic what you’d find in nature. You can check out the options we have for greenery on our website!


Incorporate Art 

By including water features that double as a fountain and art, this can elevate any garden or backyard. Ornamental stone fountains can add a unique touch to your garden and show off a bit of personality. From things like angels, dolphins, and abstract designs, the options are endless when choosing a design and theme. 


garden water features

Visit Sunny Valley for Garden Water Features!

At Sunny Valley, we have endless options for you to decorate and design your garden to make it your own. We hope you enjoyed these ideas to get the ball rolling for your outdoor garden come springtime! If you’re interested in shopping with us for garden water features, you can find all you need in-store or online! We’re open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 7 pm. 


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