6 Garden Tools That Everyone Should Have

garden tools

Now that it’s summer and we’re all spending more time outdoors, we’re also paying more attention to our gardens. Whether you grow flowers and plants or fruits and vegetables (or both!) it’s essential to have the right garden tools. If you’re new to gardening or looking to replace some of your old tools, you’ll find everything you need at Sunny Valley Farms.

Here are the garden tools that no gardener should go without.


Gardening Gloves

You might not think of gloves as a tool, but there’s a reason you’ll find them among the trowels and shears. You’ll want them not to keep your hands clean (gardeners expect to get a bit dirty), but to protect yourself from thorn scratches and blisters. It’s also helpful to have a heavy-duty and a lightweight pair for different tasks.

Hand Trowel and Fork

We’re grouping these together because they’re both so essential and they often come as a set. It’s worth getting a good quality set with a sturdy handle that will hold up to regular use. These tools are the gardener’s best friends and you’ll use them nearly every time you’re out in the garden.



If you’ve ever had to do any kind of yardwork, you know how important it is to have a good rake. For gardening, you’ll want to have both a garden rake to spread out compost and level the soil and a leaf rake to clear any leaves or other debris out of your garden.

Pruning Shears

These are another tool that you don’t want to skimp on. When it comes to trimming or pruning your plants, you need shears with sharp blades and a good grip. Making clean cuts is important for the plants to grow back after you prune them. Low-quality or dull shears will damage your plants and keep them growing back.


Adjustable Hose Nozzle

Watering the plants isn’t everybody’s favorite chore, but having an adjustable hose nozzle makes it so much easier. If some of your beds are situated in a place that’s tough to reach with the hose, adjusting the intensity of the stream can help you reach those tricky spots. It can also make watering your large beds a breeze by adjusting the nozzle to a wide gentle spray.


Last but not least, every gardener needs a wheelbarrow. How else are you supposed to transport all that compost or move plants from one spot in the yard to another? It’s also helpful when you need to move from one bed to another. Gather up all your garden tools and put them in the wheelbarrow.


Get all the garden tools you need at Sunny Valley

Whether you’re an avid or a casual gardener, we have all the tools you need at Sunny Valley Farms. And while you’re in picking up new garden tools, get yourself some plants as well!


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