Plant Flowers, Save the Bees

flowers near me

Honey bees are disappearing, but you can help! Find some “flowers near me” at Sunny Valley Farms and plant some native flowers.

Flower Pots. The Perfect Gift.

flower pots

Plants and flowers are always a great way to express gratitude. Paired with the perfect flower pot – you have an unforgettable gift!

Amherst Opening Day is Late March 2021

Spring is on the way and we’re ready to supply you with all your garden needs. Our Amherst location opens on April 1st!   What You Can Buy at Sunny Valley Farms in Amherst NH In addition to gorgeous Easter flowers, we have many other products you need to beautify your home and garden. If […]

New Hampshire Growing Guide

Successful gardening starts with the New Hampshire Growing Guide! The average growing season in New Hampshire is usually 132 days. This is a relatively short period for most plants. The trick to a successful garden is to know when to plant your seeds. Sunny Valley Farms offers the following tips for growing in the New […]