Christmas Trees: 3 Unique Ways to Decorate

christmas trees

The holiday season is finally here! This means it’s time to tie those Christmas trees to the top of our cars and drive them home to decorate with the family. This month, we’re focusing on some unique ways to decorate our Christmas trees from Sunny Valley Farms! If you’re looking for new ways to brighten up your tree this year, stick around for some refreshing ideas!

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Add a Citrus Garland

This may be a classic way to decorate for some, but it’s a classic for a reason! The bright orange colors can add a bit of warmth and life to any Christmas tree and even around the home. When the garland is paired with lights from the tree, the lights shine through and create a beautiful glow. If you’re looking for inspiration and directions on how to make this garland, check out this blog called Spoon Fork Bacon!

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Make it Earthy

There are a few ways to decorate your tree to make it earthy. Pinecones are a staple holiday decoration and look great on a tree. If you live near pine trees, you can even make a scavenger hunt out of it and search for them on a hike or walk! For extra texture, we recommend lightly brushing one side of the pinecones with white paint to mimic snow. Adding some sparkles is also a great way to give it flair!

Adding things like flowers to the tree is also an excellent way to take up space. They also smell lovely! Baby’s breath or poinsettia flowers are two examples of flowers you can incorporate into your tree. But we recommend making it your own and using whatever you like!

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Add Sweets 

Aside from the classic candy canes hanging on tree branches, don’t be afraid to add a few more sweets! A great and fun way to do this is by baking sugar cookies for ornaments and using a cookie cutter to create different festive shapes. You’ll want to ensure there’s a sturdy hole at the top of the cookie so you can tie in some string to hang them from the branches!

Another clever way of decorating the tree with candy is to make a garland out of gumdrops. If you’re looking for something with less effort, try using a nerds rope! You can add candy as ornaments using gummy rings, like peach rings! Just tie a string to it and hang it on a branch, and done!

Looking for Christmas Trees and Other Holiday Decor? Choose Sunny Valley!

Now is the time to shop at Sunny Valley Farms to explore all the decorations we have here for the holidays. In addition to Christmas trees, we have wreaths, ornaments, bows, poinsettias, and endless holiday decor for the home! We guarantee there will be something you can find at Sunny Valley. Until then, we can’t wait to see you!

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