4 Tips for Indoor Winter Plant Care 

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Plants inside the home are a great way to promote better mental and physical well-being, for a number of reasons. They also aid in reducing carbon dioxide and other toxic particles to keep the air clean in your home. Warm weather is coming to an end, meaning we’ll be spending more time in our homes, and with our plants! As winter approaches, ensuring your indoor plants receive the proper care is crucial. From obtaining the correct amount of sunlight to ideal watering schedules, garden supplies and a little know-how becomes imperative. At Sunny Valley Farms, our team is always here to help! 

Continue reaping the benefits of your indoor plants this winter by following these steps!


1. Pay Mind to Sunlight

Due to daylight savings, plants will start to lack sun exposure. If you’re able, move your plants towards the windows so they can receive as much sunlight as possible. Direct, natural lighting is ideal. If you don’t have space for your plants to get the light they need, try investing in a LED growing light. You can even go the extra mile by removing dust particles with a damp paper towel. This will help your plant absorb maximum sunlight.


2. Increase Humidity

Mist your plants every few days with lukewarm water to ensure there’s enough humidity.

You can also put pebbles or gravel in a tray with a little water and put your potted plant on top. Water will then start to evaporate, creating a bit of humidity for the roots of the plant. 

Clustering plants together is also a great way to ensure there’s humidity since moisture can be trapped between the leaves. Moving some plants to the kitchen or bathroom is also beneficial as they’re the most humid rooms in the home.


3. Regulate Temperature

Aside from your thermostat settings, be aware of any extreme differences in temperature in the home. This includes plants next to a radiator, heating vents, or windows with a draft. Moving any plants from your windows at night may be a smart idea, especially since temperatures will drop overnight. 


4. Keep an Eye Out for Pests

Spider mites and aphids are known to infest indoor plants in the winter due to the household’s heat and lack of humidity. When you water your plants, be sure to check the stems and underneath and around the leaves for these pests. If you find any, wipe the area with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball, or use an insecticidal soap or neem oil to get rid of them. You can also shop online at Sunny Valley for any household insect control products!

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Keep in mind, there are still more ways to care for your plants in the winter, we just highlighted a few! Now is a vital time to make sure your indoor plants are getting their needs met. Following these tips are a great starting point to ensure your plant’s health is at its best. In the meantime, if you’re searching for garden supplies, plants, decor, and more, you know where to find us!


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