Halloween Garden Decor to Die For!

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What better way to bring the Halloween festivities to life than decorating your home with Halloween garden decor? It can be overwhelming on where to begin decorating your home for October, so let us help get the ball rolling and start you off with the basics with items you can find at your very own Sunny Valley Farms.

Trick (or treat) the neighbors this spooky season with these fun and playful ideas for your home! 

Start With the Basics

Decorate the Evergreens in your garden from Sunny Valley with homemade spiderwebs. You can do this by either buying gauze and distressing it to your liking or picking up a pack of fake cobwebs from your local dollar store (ps: they usually come with plastic spiders, too!).


If you’re looking for something easy and simple or feel stuck on where to begin decorating your ghostly garden, tombstones are also the perfect way to start things off! There is practically no wrong way to decorate your space with tombstones. For extra effect, you can also browse our garden center for flowers to lay in front of the tombstones. We say the more random and unique you can be with your placement, the better! Decorating for Halloween is all about using your imagination!


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Get a Little Creative

Pick up some Golden Straw Hay Bales from Sunny Valley and make a DIY scarecrow. The fun part about this is that there are a bunch of different themes you can make for your scarecrow. Play it old school and dress it up with an old flannel and a pair of jeans, or even make your own twist on the Headless Horseman and top it off with a carved-out pumpkin for the head! A hay bail is also the perfect thing to perch your scarecrow on top of, or even a fake skeleton if you prefer something extra eerie. 


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If you’re looking for some fall activities for the kids or even for yourself to enjoy with friends, visit Sunny Valley and grab the perfect pumpkin to carve. With endless possibilities of designs, this activity will surely spark your imagination and give you some well-deserved downtime from your busy schedule. If carving isn’t your thing, pick up a paintbrush and let your creativity shine while you paint your hand-picked pumpkin!


Choose Sunny Valley for Your Garden Decor Needs

If spooky isn’t quite your vibe, but you still love to decorate for the Halloween season, we have an array of fall wreaths to select from, corn stalks, and numerous other fall-themed goodies for both your in-home and garden decor! 

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