What to Plant in Your Autumn Garden

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Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your garden has to. Now is the perfect time to enrich your garden with some vibrant fall colors and keep the bees buzzing while the temperature has yet to drop! Prepare for the fall season by shopping around the Nashua area at your garden supply store, Sunny Valley Farms


Fall Colors Are in Bloom 

Bring out the Autumn foliage by mixing in this season’s favorite color palette of oranges, fiery reds, yellows, and browns into your garden to tie everything together. Maybe even add a peek-a-boo color and include a pop of purple with the fast-growing Beautyberry shrub. 


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The Chamaecyparis Pisifera, also known as ‘Vintage Gold’, is part of the Evergreen family and is a great addition if you want to add a bit of a golden glow to provide some contrast between the reds and browns in your garden. The best time to plant this- and the latest should be in September. 


A perennial known as the ‘Hot Papaya’ Coneflower, provides the most beautiful gradient of an orangey-yellow in the center of the flower that transforms into a rich pink-red on towards the outside. You’ll be able to find this flower at this garden supply store in the Nashua area.The best shape to describe this type of bloom is a pompom shape.This is sure to capture some extra attention in your garden!


If you are looking for an extra pop of golden yellow and orange, Marigolds, an annual flower, is the perfect addition to your autumn garden! Another suggestion would be Goldenrod, a golden yellow perennial that also attracts the likeness of butterflies and bees. 


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Dive into some deep reds with the perennial, Coral Bells. This perennial exceeds expectations even after your garden starts to lose some color nearing the winter months as it’s more tolerant with colder weather. This plant comes in a variety of shades, but we recommend the variety Dolce Cherry Truffles to bring a stunning burgundy red into your home garden.


Benefits of Planting Ahead

Aside from sprucing up your garden for the fall, there are also some advantages to getting ahead of the spring season and planting spring-blooming perennials. As we know, in New England, weather is usually unpredictable, even when it’s been predicted. The bright side, however, is that the fall months tend to be more consistent in weather than spring. 


Fall tends to bring more consistent warm temperatures while providing less extreme sun exposure. September may start to get a little cooler, but temperatures remain warm within the soil, which is better for a plant’s root system. This is also great because it allows the root systems a chance to become stronger and more robust, which results in more prosperous blooms come spring!


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A perfect example of this would be Peonies, a classic favorite of many, which are best planted towards the end of September. Reap the benefits of planting early, knowing you will be one of the first to be able to indulge in the beautiful pink pastel colors and fragrances! 

Check Out the Nashua Area For Your Garden Supply Needs

Sunny Valley Farms wants to help bring your fall garden to life! Like the seasons, our inventory is also everchanging, so be sure to visit when you can to keep up with your garden’s needs. We can’t wait to see you!


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